We love what we do

Inspired by responsibility

Focused on responsibility

Our aspiration is to support you in your many forms of accountability. Responsibility towards yourself and your assets, your family and future generations, your clients, or your institution.


To enable you to meet governance requirements, especially in complex circumstances, we offer you a comprehensive toolkit of services, processes and data. In doing so, we pursue a sustainable holistic approach, always keeping an eye on individual needs and acting proactively in response to emerging changes. But with everything: The decision is yours.

Design Shaping the future

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Shaping the future

Do you want to shape your future life or that of the next generation? Would you like support in designing solutions for your customers? Or do you want to redesign the framework for your portfolios to realise higher-level goals for the benefit of others? We accompany you step by step, because that’s how we shape partnership.


We analyse the current investment situation, develop a targeted investment strategy and help you to align asset structuring and investment with the overriding goals in the long term. You alone define the type and scope of our partnership so that we can support you with tailor-made services.


Our services in the field of "design"

  • Developing concepts
  • Asset structuring
  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment management
  • Support in strategic asset management
  • Implementation of ESG strategy
  • Analyses (including of investment proposals)
  • Strategy identification & investor profiles
  • Election of parties
  • Design and negotiation of conditions


Find out how Privatière Sophie designs her asset structures with Unifinanz:

Support Strategic partner at your side

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Strategic partner at your side

Depending on the task and the circumstances, you’ll benefit from our expertise, which goes far beyond Asset Management and Investment Controlling. We take over functions for you, for example, and provide you with necessary data and documentation. In this way we safeguard your activities (in committees, for example) and strengthen your position.


Be it complex structural relationships at home and abroad, evolved portfolio structures or difficult organisational framework conditions, we take on the challenges and offer you solutions tailored to your needs with personal know-how and modern tools so you can concentrate on what’s important to you.


Our Services in the field of "support"

  • Preparing & attending committee meetings
  • Process design
  • Preparing documentation appropriate to the target group (including governance topics)
  • Taking over functions (e.g. as investment controller, strategic investment manager, or advisory board member of an investment committee)
  • Audit-compliant data and document management (incl. interfaces)
  • Rebate management & tax reclaims
  • Execution supoort (e.g. in forms management)
  • Accounting (data delivery)


Find out how we support Oliver in building a family office:

Monitoring Systematically controlling investments and processes

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Systematically controlling investments and processes

Transparency is a core value in our services. For us, transparency means first and foremost ensuring that the investment objectives and investment strategies are consistently adhered to in accordance with your requirements and the respective legal, tax or regulatory requirements.


With our Investment Controlling, you can rely on comprehensive monitoring as well as proven control processes and tools so you can act confidently in the long term. We signal the need for change to you at an early stage and point out possible optimisation potential.


Our Services in the field of "monitoring"

  • Investment strategy & investment guidelines of the foundation
  • Investment guidelines groups / portfolios
  • Products used
  • Transactions
  • Cost, performance, revenue and risk control
  • Examination of and plausibility check regarding stakeholders
  • Regulatory, legal and tax requirements as well as exogenous factors
  • Historicised monitoring results
  • Sanctions


Find out how we make individual Investment Controlling possible for trustee Paul:

Reporting Transparent and neutral information

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Transparent and neutral information

A good partnership is measurable. This principle is reflected in our ongoing reporting and individual reporting. We inform you regularly about your investments, independent of banks. You benefit from high valuation quality with the help of a fund look-through approach, among other things: One of many reporting elements that provides you with a solid basis for trend-setting decisions.


We also offer you the option to record securities you’ve invested yourself and to implement participation quotas. Our reporting also enables efficient and secure handling of private market investments – in relation to the associated cash management around capital calls and funds allocation planning (J-curve forecasts), for example.


Our Services in the field of "reporting"

  • Global reporting
  • Investment controlling global reporting
  • Alternative investment reporting
  • Mapping of participation structures
  • Inspection and participation opportunities for boards of trustees, investment committees, and administrative offices
  • Reports tailored to the target group
  • Violation reports according to the defined investment limitations (alerts)
  • Access to the client portal
  • Sustainability reporting (ESG, SDG, EU taxonomy, SFDR PAI, ...)


Find out how foundation councillor Anna meets her reporting obligations with Unifinanz:

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