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Irrespective of whether you are a private or an institutional investor, your requirements, wishes and personal aims are of paramount priority to us. Our substantial experience for decades in the fields of investment analysis, advice and management enable us to direct our resources with passion to safeguard your interests. It is with dedication and ardour that we have lived up to our profession for decades.

You are in search of …

…   guidance in the management and allocation of your assets

…   a reliable and professional partner to manage your assets

…   an independent expert to lend you support in your investment decisions

…   someone caring for your requirements, supporting you in defining

adequate wealth planning solutions and their implementation.

We shall be delighted to be contacted to embark on a comprehensive analysis of your personal, individual circumstances.

Our services





A decisive factor for long-term success of your investment decisions is the in-depth analysis of both the initial circumstances as well as your future expectations. We dedicate the necessary time to analyse in detail all decisive elements to create the corner stones for a successful relationship.





Jointly we define an investment strategy which suits your personal interests best, taking into account your investment preferences, your risk profile and tolerance as well as your return expectations. We attend to your investment strategy deploying all traditional instruments and include the evaluation of a suitable bank relationship. The centre piece of our efforts is always to find the best individual solution for you in the given circumstances.

Wealth management




Embark with us on your own journey. We offer comprehensive and independent portfolio management taking into account your personal requirements and base our activity on the results of an individual interview. You choose the melody, we add the rhythm and suitable instruments to obtain an adequate sound. A professional team of investment experts caters daily to the achievement of the investment targets as defined by you and gives you full support in a structured investment process, adding safety and transparency to all levels. As a key element we believe in a sustainable and long term relationship among partners. Within an ongoing risk management procedure, the predefined asset allocation is supervised to ensure that the melody matches with your risk appetite, giving you the freedom to deliberately and with ease concentrate on your own business and leisure time.

Research & Monitoring




Intensive interaction with academics in the analysis of human behaviour and its effects on the financial markets has been for many years one of our core competences. The result of our endeavours in that field for over 20 years is a product called “The Monitor”. In its 7th updated generation, institutional investors, financial intermediaries, banks, insurance companies as well as private investors subscribe to an active analysis of the financial markets in the fields referred to as “Global Sectors”, “Equities” and “Foreign Exchange”.

Investment Controlling




Another of our activities is to support private and institutional investors beyond our wealth management activities. As an independent party we support the interests of our clients utilizing our over many years accumulated know-how. We counsel supervisory bodies when taking their investment decisions and render advice as a neutral partner in the interests of the envisaged investment. Risk and cost management are key elements as well as the support in evaluating qualified portfolio managers, investment advisors and banks. We invite you to benefit from our expertise in the areas of wealth management, investment advice and banking.





We cater to the individual. Our expertise and panoply of services extends from individually tailored investment and portfolio strategies to supporting solutions with the structuring of private label funds.

Our principles

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy follows the principles of Behavioral Finance, which we have applied for more than 3 decades utilizing our own quantitative tools (monitoring) and which are continuously being updated. We combine this approach with a specifically tailored strategic asset allocation, which is the foundation for sustainable performance.


Your sleep is important to us. We therefore pay attention to broad diversification in various asset classes, markets, sectors and currencies with the aim to optimize yield and risk components of your portfolio. We hereby reduce the exposure to risks in adverse market situations.


 It is our principle to report transparently and we offer fair, flexible and market oriented conditions.



What is Behavioral Finance?


 “Economy and equity markets are not two sides

of the same coin, but two coins. There is friction between the two, but no resolution of one into the other.”

Alfons Cortés.



The selection of an elevator for an office building is exclusively made on the basis of utility considerations. On such a level, decisions are made based on the criteria of economic rationale. Yet the selection of a ladies’ handbag is completely different. Accessories of such kind are not chosen by criteria like storage capacity and robustness in relation to price, but are selected specifically to diffuse a message on taste and style. Very personal emotions play a predominant role, which is the reason why the market for ladies’ handbags is a much more complex segment of the economy than the one of the technologically much more demanding elevators. Subjective values and intellectual mechanisms are predominant factors in circumstances of intensive communication, which add to the complexity in decision finding of the individual participants in a market. There is much more talk about ladies’ handbags than about elevators.


Why this is the case and how this insight transforms into equity and foreign exchange markets will be communicated to you in a personal meeting.



Company management

Alfons Cortés

Senior Partner, Member of the Executive Board

Investment Analyst and
Wealth Manager

Markus Büchel, BSc


Managing Partner

Investment Analyst and
Wealth Manager

Adrian Altherr, BSc

Member of the Executive Board

Investment Analyst and
Wealth Manager

Dominik Gubser, BSc

Member of the Executive Board

Investment Analyst and
Wealth Manager


Mario Birchmeier

Head of Accounting

Department / IT

Katrin Eberle

Assistant Wealth Management & Investment Controlling

Simone Frick


Elsbeth Hermann


Raphael Oehri


Compliance & Risk-Management

Claudio A. Frick, LL.M.

Attorney at Law

Board of Trustees

lic. oec. HSG Mikkel Lind


Dr. iur. Marie-Theres Frick


Alfons Cortés



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Ob Privatperson oder Institutioneller: Ihre Wünsche, Bedürfnisse und persönlichen Ziele haben für uns oberste Priorität. Mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung in der Vermögensanalyse, -beratung und -verwaltung setzen wir uns mit Leidenschaft und Herzblut für Sie ein. Wir lieben was wir tun – seit Jahrzehnten.


Sie suchen …

…   Rat im Umgang mit Ihrem Vermögen

…   einen verlässlichen und professionellen Partner für die Verwaltung

Ihres Vermögens


…   einen unabhängigen Experten für die Begleitung und Überwachung

Ihrer Investitionsentscheide


…   jemanden, der auf Ihre Bedürfnisse eingeht und gemeinsam

mit Ihnen eine passende Lösung gestaltet.


Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme um eine umfassende Analyse der gegebenen Ausgangssituation aufzunehmen.

Unser Investmentansatz folgt dem Prinzip der Behavioral Finance, welches wir über eigenständige Praxis-Erfahrungen seit mehr als 3 Jahrzehnten unter Einsatz eines eigenen Quant-Value Tools (Monitor) stetig weiterentwickeln. Diesen Ansatz wenden wir in Kombination mit einer bedürfnisgerechten strategischen Vermögensallokation an, welche die Grundlage einer nachhaltigen Performance ist.


Ihr Schlaf ist uns wichtig. Wir achten deshalb auf eine breite Diversifikation verschiedenster Asset Klassen, Märkte, Branchen & Währungen zur Optimierung der Rendite- und Risikoeigenschaften ihres Portfolios. Dadurch reduzieren wir auch in ungünstigen Marktsituationen allfällige Verlustrisiken.


Wir informieren stets transparent über unser Handeln und bieten faire, flexible und partnerschaftliche Konditionen.


Was ist Behavioral Finance?


 «Wirtschaft und Börse sind nicht

zwei Seiten der gleichen Münze, sondern zwei Münzen, die durchaus aneinander reiben, nicht aber ineinander aufgehen.»

Alfons Cortés.



Wer in einem Bürogebäude einen Lift einbaut, wählt ihn ausschliesslich nach Nutzenüberlegungen aus. Auf dieser Ebene werden Entscheide ziemlich genau nach den Kriterien ökonomischer Rationalität getroffen. Schon mit einer Handtasche verhält es sich anders. Bei diesem Accessoire geht es nicht lediglich um Nutzwerte wie Stauraum und Robustheit im Verhältnis zum Preis, sondern vor allem um eine Botschaft über den Geschmack und die Stilrichtung. Sehr persönliche Gefühle spielen mit und machen den Markt für Damenhandtaschen zu einem komplexeren Segment der Wirtschaft als dasjenige für die technologisch doch viel komplizierteren Lifte. Es sind die subjektiven Prozesse des Denkens, die in einem kommunikationsintensiveren Umfeld das Entscheidungsverfahren der einzelnen Teilnehmenden komplex gestalten. Über Handtaschen wird mehr geredet als über Lifte.


Wieso dies so ist und wie diese Erkenntnis auf Aktien- und Devisenmärkte wirkt, erfahren Sie bei einem persönlichen Beratungsgespräch.



Unifinanz Trust reg.

Austrasse 79

LI-9490 Vaduz