Holistically and flexibly managed

Marc (34) works as a project manager for an international industrial company. He and his wife Lara have been very thrifty and by now have accumulated assets. The couple has been planning for some time to invest the funds they don’t currently need, especially since they want to create a capital cushion for their own pension as well as for their children. But since both have demanding jobs, they’ve never found the time.

Marc has already gained experience in both traditional and alternative asset classes (private markets) in the course of his previous work. He wants professional, holistic and tailor-made care.


The sharp rise in inflation has once again brought home to Marc the need to address this issue. He also talks about this with his acquaintance Olivia, who tells him about her experience with Unifinanz. She advises him to arrange a consultation.

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After a systematic consultation, we design a customised Wealth Management solution for Marc and Lara. Based on the jointly developed investor and risk profiles, we’ve built up various portfolios that are managed according to the wishes and concerns of the family. Marc has concrete ideas about sustainability, which we actively map. For the children, the focus is on purely strategic, passive Asset Management. Both Lara and Marc have expressed interest in investing in private markets in the medium term. We support them in their decisions through our Investment Controlling (‘Control’) service, which ensures ongoing monitoring, reporting and administrative support at all times.

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Marc decides on a combination package consisting of Asset Management and Investment Controlling. It offers him holistic care, with flexibility at the same time. A real added value, Marc thinks.  


Our holistic solution for Marc

  • Systematic, individual investor and risk profiling
  • Separate, needs-based Asset Management for the entire family
  • Investment Controlling, reporting, and administration support for the private market portfolio
  • Consolidated asset reports
  • Implementation of individual sustainability preferences with the Unifinanz ‘Me’ package

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